In his arms

The room was just beginning to show the days light. The air was crisp and clean. The tang of fall.

She had spent the night in peaceful slumber wrapped in his arms. It was a place that for her felt like heaven. Magical and warm. The intoxicating aroma of his skin next to hers.The steady rhythem of his breathing. There was nothing about him that she did not love. He was what she lovingly called a MANLY MAN. Strong and silent. The care taker of the world. Everyone loved him. He had a silent charm in his ways. A strength that others saw, and few dared to cross. He had been her hero from the first moment she had meet him.  Granted she was barely an adult when he first crossed her path, but she could feel the intesity of him even then.

Before she knew it there were wedding plans being made. Dresses bought, flowers, cake and a white lace nightgown. This man would be the one to take her body and soul. That day came in a flourish of happiness. Friends and family all there to share in the joy. The happiness and love that flowed that day was enought to soar to the heavens and back.

Time ran on, and life as it does put it’s mark on them. Grey hair replaced his raven locks. His finely chisled features became lined. But his heart never faultered. His love for his red headed princess stayed as it always had. Sure she was softer around the middle than before. But she had given him the joy of his life,a daughter. That little girl would steal her daddys heart the moment her first breath came. She looked just like her mommy. And had the temper of a wild wind storm.  Watching her grow was there devine happiness.

Years past, and that once young woman became older. Life had left its scars upon her soul. But in the depth of her heart she love that man. He had made her strong. All that she was she knew she would never have become if it were not for his support. Yes he made her crazy. Sometimes he seemed to leave her by the wayside, getting caught up in his own life. But in the end he could look at her and melt her to the core with his green eyes. So tonight as she lay there wrapped safely in his arms she could look back on their life and see it in all of it colors. Some were bright like the sun, sparkling in all of its glory. some were as black as night, those moments when she was sure her heart had died. But most were the rich warm colors of fall. Those ones that surrounded you in safety and comfort and love.


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