love undone

a heart broken by time

faith in forever ended

dreams and hopes tossed aside

like yesterdays trash

There was a time when we knew

exactly who we were

banded together with the same dreams

Life built on love

there was no  me or you

only us

and yet time has changed that nobel goal.

there is no OURS.

only yours and  mine


What happed to those hearts

lashed together to fight the storm

when did the ties come undone

where did the ropes even go

Did they fade away in the wind

or were they simply a figment of our imaginations

were we ever really tied to each other

or was it all a hopeful fantasy

Looking back now i wonder

was i to young to grasp

that time changes people

and you either grow together

or you grow apart

To sad, our seams have grown threadbare





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