my grandson, my daughter, my family

he is wild unbridled energy

eyes that sparkle with mischief

questioning everything

soaking the world in like a sponge

his tiny hands in mine

dirty little boy hands

busy exploring the world

holding on to me

i had no idea

that my heart would be this full

this bundle of trouble

dropped into my life

but this is what happend

when my daughter became his daddys wife

he is not my flesh and blood

bone of my bones

but he is a gift far greater

for he shows me what true love can be

the love of a chosen mother

the glimer in her eyes

the smile on her face

the tears that fall when he cries

things just fall into place

for she chose to be his mommy

she wanted him in her life

and she shows me ever day

that i raised her right

for she loves him with out question

takes him into her life without a care

this little bunde of mystery

the one with soft blond hair


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