you may think me a fool

but i tell you now

holding on to the wheel to long

only leaves you with cramped fingers

Time has made me strong

tougher than i ever wanted to be

I stand my own ground

i fight to keep myself free

But in the darkness i often wonder

of the joy that might be found

to simply surrender

to love when it comes around

To know the safety and security

of  letting someone else

worry about tomorrow

about me and nothing else

where me biggest worry

in the early moringn light

is to look a him and ask

coffee, tea or me

not to wonder if today

i can pay the bills

or wonder what will happen

if i happen to fall ill

To simply know i’m cared for

and yes to know i’m loved

just to be his princess

his deep and truest love

And still i sit and wonder

has this chance passed me by

will i ever know

that kind of freedom, why

why did i ever fight

so hard and stand my ground

why did i just not

be the pretty girl in the crowd


1 Comment

  1. Neeraj said,

    October 23, 2012 at 2:31 pm

    Its a beautiful creation. Loved it so much!

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