my eyes closed

i can not see the world around me

i stop and hear the click of the key board

the hummm of the fan

still, sweet, almost silence

no music or people speaking

just the steady beating on my own heart in my ears

like waves crashing on the shore

my blood courses through my veins

somewhere a dog barks

challenging some unseen foe

and still the loudest sound is that of my own heart

the steady rhythem beating

i hear my breath

rising and falling

the sigh of contentment

at its release

peaceful life

calm centered mind

thoughts flowing

like the air from my lungs

nothing connected

just the mad jumble of emotions

the soft rustle of the autumn leaves

I can almost hear their colors

they chime like shiney coins

jingling in my pocket

the click of the clock

the crash of a trash truck outside

and still the loudest sound is

the beating of my own heart

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