head spinnin

heart racing

face all flushed and red

he left me delirious

laying in his bed

i was unaquianted

uneducated with his ways

and so he left me satisfied

with  new and mysterious  plays

hands bound

eyes coverd

lips glazed with cherry wine

leather and lace

but a smile on my face

as he swatted my behind

the clash of leather on virgin skin

the flash of color left there

the bite of the leather

the sting of the whip

lines of love

left on my hip

i am not a women

left battered and bruised

so make no judgement

till you walk in my shoes

i give myself to him willingly

and he treats me with loving dignity

I am his pricess upon a throne

and my devotion is his alone

i have never know a love this pure

and for it i will the whip endure


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