conversation in my head

driving down the road the words seem to be so clear

Now if only i could say them out loud for him to hear

I love you, always have, but i feel so alone

how can you love me and not touch me

what have i done to turn you away

How can i fix it, what must i do

can it be repared

do you have a clue

If i left would you miss me

would you even care

sometimes i wonder if you even know i’m there

I need to feel your hands in mine

you touch my skin with love devine

the heat and fire that used to fill

our tangled sheets and bend my will

but i do not think you have that need

or want the us that used to be

you seem content for me to be

just the woman on your arm

a show for those we know

The picture of perfection

it’s such a lie

i am loosing my ability

to play this awful game

to keep the smile on my face

when i feel are tears

so i drive down the road

and hear things in my head

it’s not fair they are so clear

when the sky is cloudy up ahead


1 Comment

  1. Restless Tiger said,

    October 29, 2012 at 6:53 pm

    Can’t tell you how many similar conversations I have had. The words and emotions so clear then but unable to utter them in person.

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