the gift of patience

Life is a funny thing. we are taught from the time we are young to be patient. But we live in this world that is GIVE IT TO ME NOW.
And we fall into that. wanting love now, happiness now.
We want it all and we want it this second.
But i have learned that the greatest joys come with time. the waiting creates longing. time makes you talk before you act. You get to know the heart and soul of another person when you are forced to be PATIENT.
Life’s deepest, truest connections are made, not in the blink of an eye, not in the beat of a heart. But in the flow of time.
Everyone can be perfect for a few months. but then the cracks start to show. The reality of another person is in their flaws. And with time you discover if you can love that person, flaws and all. You take the time to invest yourself in them and they in you. Bumps and bruises, mysteries and magic.
when time shows you if the frog is truly a prince or just a nasty old toad.
So i have waited. Because once or twice in life i fell to fast. Cared to much, to deeply. And time showed me that toads do come in fancy clothes. That what you think you want, is not what you need.
And that what you need may be in a very diferent place than where you are now.
That stepping out of your comfort zone can bring great joy. And that change is the stepping stone of life. So slow down. Smell the flowers. Look before you leap. And when you know that love is true and deep and safe and warm JUMP.
Because if you were patient, then you will have waited for the flower to bloom and you can see its true beauty.


1 Comment

  1. lumatiza said,

    November 20, 2012 at 12:25 pm

    Nicely said and so true!

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