I love mornings

She knew he had been watching her. His eyes on her felt like satin fingers on her flesh. She enjoyed how he gazed upon her. The rhythem of his breath rising and falling, the moments where it quickened as his body became harder next to her.
Feeling the ever growing hardness pressed against her thigh made her smile. How long would he hold out before he touched her? How long could she hold out before she touched him?
The seconds felt like hours. A sly smile spread across her face as she moved in the bed. Still pretending to sleep, she dropped her hand until it rested on his hardened member. It pulsed from her touch.
She could feel her own wetness grow. The memories of last nights passion fueling  her ever growing desire.
Slowly she opened her eyes to see his smile. He knew her game. He knew everything about the beautiful creature at his side.
Had they been together for a moment or a life time? Of that he was not sure but he did know the rise and fall of her breast as she slept. He knew every sound she made. And as they made love he knew exactly what tiny touch would bring her to exstascy.
The first kiss was soft. Their lips pressed ever so genlty upon each other. Followed by more that were filled with greater and greater hunger. Lips parted, tonges intertwined. Each tasting the other, savoring them like you would a fine wine. Intoxicated from loves passionate embrace.
Their hands began to explore. All of the soft skin. The back of her neck where he kissed her again.
He hands were upon his shoulders and arms.Knowing the strength that was there. His hands touching her hair and taking in a deep breath, almost faint from her aroma.
Her fingernails running down his back, sending sivers through his spine. Kissing so passionatly that they had to stop and gaze into each others eyes for a moment before moving on.
She grabbed at his buttocks pulling him closer to her. He rolled on his back lifting her in one flid movement on top of him. His firm cock sliding effortlessly into the wet ness of her pussy. She let out a sigh of pure pleasure as he filled her. Her body enveloping every inch of him.
There was no thrusting. jJust a slow grinding movement that pressed him ever deeper into her body. He would swear that even his balls were inside of that soaked cavern of delight.
He would nibble at her breasts. Holding them in his hand massaging them. Her eyes closed so as to feel evey delightful moment.
He pullled her to him kissing her firmly upon the mouth. That act made her begin lifting and lowering her hips upon him. Sliding him in and out of her. The movements were rhythmic and strong. She was skilled and knew exactly how to make him desire her more.
Soon she would sit up, giving him acess to her clit with his fingers.She would lean back as he slid his fingers into her. Adding them to his cock.
Rubbing her clit as she began to ride him. This was rough and passionate. She wanted to feel his full force as he exploded into her.
His fingeres on her clit were sending waves of pleasure through her entire body. She would not, no she COULD NOT stop. She needed him, wanted him more that she needed air to breath.
They rode the wave of extascy together. The perfect moment where they both peak at the same time. The gushing heat from both of them running down his balls and onto the bed.
She rode him, slowing down until the waves had passed. Shuddering from weakness and smiling from joy she looked down at him. Smiled and said
Good moring my love, whats for breakfast?

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