my view of life

life, battled, scarred and won
dreams, fleating
images from ones mind, painted on canvas
hopes, betrayed
tomorrow, a bright future

life is that wild ride
full of ups and downs
never smooth or easy
nothing a guarantee except
the inveatible end

It is what we choose
what we make of it
how we view each and every moment
sadness, bliss
a battle to be lost or won

if things were easy they would not be special
if love came like a breeze then we would feel no pain at its loss
The best things in life are those that we work for, stive for, are willing to die for
Sun can heal you or hurt you. warm your soal or damage your skin
But does that make it a bad thing or a good thing?

I have been accused of seeing the world in black and white
that there are no shades of grey
Right and wrong are as clear to me as anything
But those people are wrong
Life is full of color, and it is the colors of life that make it worth living
Love and pain share the same red
the blues are either the depths of ones despair or the most beautiful cotton candy clouds
purle and black are marks of royalty or the bruises left behind
and even those are battle scars or the marks left by a lover

Nothing in this world is ever exactly what it seems to be
crystal is the only thing that is clear
everything else is a murkey shade of grey
but what is clear is our choice
How do you want to see the world
Dark and dreary, waiting to get you
or just another challenge to be won

I will not go silently into this dark night
I will lead a battle cry
herald the charge
ride my mighty stead into the fray
and when the sun comes out again
i will be the one with brush in hand
giving the world fresh new colors to embrace
becuse life if a gift,
and wrapping paper comes best in bright colors


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