how you know you are loved

you talk in passing about life. the things you like, your hopes and dreams and wishes.
the one day out of the blue those little things show up on your front door.
It may even be something you don’t remember even talking about.
Or something you thought about but somehow they knew.
Any one can do big things, showy things.
But someone who loves you picks up on all of the little things.
things most people would let slide as insignificant.
But to you they are as big is the Taj Mahal.
Every little grain of sand in the Mojave desert
becuase without the little things nothing else really matters.
When someone listens to songs with new ears because they know how much you love music.
And when they love the look on your face when you hear that song for the first time.
When they secretly listen to you sing or talk to yourself about silly things and they don’t call you crazy.

You see it is a million LITTLE THINGS
That all add up to really BIG LOVE


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