The blessings in my life

As of late i have spent alot of time having a melt down about what is wrong in my life and my marriage.
But today i am going to count my blessings. I need to do that to re focus and get my shit straight.

First of all i am grateful to be alive and to be healthy.
For the health of those i hold dear to me.
For my business, that sometimes stresses me out, but is a job i love.
For being able to bring joy into other peoples lives.
For the ability to write. Without it i would have gone mad.
For the people i love. Even if they sometimes drive me to the egde of madness.
For those who have shown me i am more than the sum of my parts. And stronger than i imagined.
For my online friends who have supported me when i was so close to the egde, and have drug me back from it.
For my daughter who without i would have taken my life in despair years ago. my love for her kept me from suicide in my darkest moments.
For my husband, who put me thur beauty school, giving me the career i love.
For the mistakes i have made, becuase they taught me lessons that i needed, even if they were painful.
For the man who holds me up when i am down, because he only wants my happiness, even if that is wiithout him.

There are so many more. But at this moment i can not see them because the tears have filled my eyes. I have looked away from the good because my heart has been heavy with the bad for some time.

In this time of madness in the world i hope we all take a moment to count our blessings..

Much Love…


  1. amelthalt said,

    April 2, 2013 at 6:38 am

    OMG, I am reading your whole blog right now because once I started, I just had to. I would like to click ‘like’ on every one of them because I really feel for you on every post and enjoy your open heartedness so much. So instead of pasting my gravitar all over your blog…which might be embarrassing, lets just say, I would, and let this comment signify how much I appreciate your writing and sharing. Love Blinks, xx

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