life at the moment

the past couple of days have been ones of reflection.
My body has demanded that i be still. So my mind has run wild.
And in that running i have come to some clarity.
In general my life is good. I live with a man who loves me.
But sadly he does not have the ability to love me as i need.
I will continue to work on my therapy. to help myself heal. To focus on the good in my life. To become less bitter and angry.
It is ok that i do not feel the ability in me to settle for a life that is less than one filled with love and PASSION.
It does not make me an evil woman. It simply makes me a woman who needs to feel, love and passion, and desired.

time will heal all wounds. I know this, i believe this.
And in the end i will have the love that i need.
Because out there is someone who needs me as badly as i need them.


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