love, lust,desire,passion, need, hunger, longing, soon

beautiful imagesAll she had were her words. The distance between them to far for flesh to touch. And even those would fail her from time to time. Days would go by and she would struggle to say more to him than, I love you. It was not enough. It lacked the power that she felt inside. Finally enough was enough and she knew the only way to show him the depth and power of her love was to do the last thing he expected.
With ticket in hand she boarded the plan. There had been no explination, to story to be told for her sudden departure. She had simply left. Leaving behind her those who had thought she must of lost her mind. But she did not care. She had to see him, to touch him, to Kiss him, to know all of him, And NOW.
She called him from the airport, just as she was about to board the plane. His stunned silence filling her ears. Fear grasp her chest, wondering if she had chosen wrong. But at last a gasp and a laugh filled her head as he told her he would be waiting. Tears rolled down her cheeks as they said there last good by.


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