The Switch

mask queenLet me begin by saying this is pure fiction and in no way and expression of my personal desires. It is something that has been rambling about in my head and needed to live on paper….

She woke alone, but that happened. Because of work there were times when she was left to her own devices. And today she could feel the familiar fire begin to burn. She loved being HIS. Under his hand she was the perfect pet. Obedient and happy to serve his every need. But she had also learned well. And from time to time the urge to whield the whip became strong.

She slipped from her bed and gatered up the red leather bound book. Taking the key from her jewlery box she unlocked it and began sifting thru the list of those who eagerly awited the queens arival. Men and women who would yeild easily under her hand. It was not long before she found what she craved. The docile couple whos thrill was taking the orders of their Queen, and living out her fantasies. Phone calls were exchanged and arrangements made for the evening.

When the door bell rang it was not to the apartment she shared with her Master. That place was sacred and would never be used for outside entertainment. Yes he knew of her daliances. He had given her this little loft for just such a reason, and had installed cameras in it. She was always under his watchful eye. And yes he to got a thrill from seeing the harder side of His pet. With him she was obedient perfection. But alone she was a force of nature.

The couple arrived, dressed as ordered and did not speak. The only sound was the click of her monumental heels on the tile floors and the soft but controled tone of her voice. She did not need to be rough, she ruled with a gentle hand. Her attire was stunning. Sky high heels on her tiny feet, lace garters and a long red charmuse gown that made her arrousal evident as her nipples stood proud straining against the fabric. And across her face a vibrant feathered mask. No one would ever lay eyes upon her uncovered face, that was HIS alone.

They sat at her feet and each began to massage her with lavender scented oil. They would beg to touch more of her but none were allowed to ever be graced with more that a glimps at her inner most parts. A brushed nipple a waft of her sensuous aroma in the air. But none were granted access. Her pleasure came not from their touch but from the control she could hold over them.

She would soon have the man bound as his wife, a normally docile creature, would be placing clamps on his most tender of parts, eliciting moans of painfull pleasure from him. This tiny creature would be beaming with pride as she made her husband beg her to stop. The Queen would not allow her to give in to his pleading. With this couple it was not a lesson in pain but in power. She loved teaching his wife that she too could be the Queen of her own home.  The play lasted well into the late hours of the night. By the end he had been shown who indeed was Queen as he serviced his wife in the manner in which she demanded. And the Queen smiled in joy as she listened to the screams of pleasure as the wife climaxed again and again. The husband finally lead home with a leash around his hard and unsatisfied cock. His balls begging to be drained. What she chose to do with him once she got him home was up to her. But for now his wife would leave as the princess in training and in control of his cock.

After they had gone she strutted over in front of the mirror, knowing one of his many cameras was there and purred into in. I hope you enjoyed the show. A smile lit her lips as her hips swayed across the room to the bed where she put on another show just for him.

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  1. January 26, 2013 at 1:22 am

    Beautiful and powerfully erotica! How do I get my name into that red leather bound book?

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