Master… the follow up to Switch

master feetHe loved his pet. But watching her with others made the pit of his stomach churn. Yes it was sexy as hell. But the fact that he did not give her all she craved made him crazed. He was her Master, he wanted to be all that she needed, all that she wanted.

Yes she had not really broken any rules during her play. But the orgasm she gave herself during the after party was indeed a punishable sin.  And she would be punished. He needed a release for the tension mounting in his body.  And her pretty ass would reap the rewards of his frusteration.

She had been unaware that he was just around the corner. And after her SHOW she had falling into saciated slumber. He had let himself in and stood there watching her sleep. The armoa of sex hung heavy in the air. And her body still glistened from the climax he had witnessed.  He did not gently wake her, but instead grabbed her body and tossed her face down on the sheets. A firm smack to her naked ass bolted her awake. She was afraid for a moment but she knew his touch. And was fully aware that he had come to her. But he had never taken her here. Not in her kingdom.

His hands were rough and so were his words as he came to lay full claim to his prize.

Swat after stinging swat turned her ass crimson. As he told her in no uncertian terms that she belonged to him. His body was bursting from need as he grabbed her hips and pulled her ass to his throbbing cock. One hard deep thrust and he found his purchase. Deep within her tight ass he was home. There was no gentleness to his actions. He was taking what was his. Leaving his mark on her body and soul. She whimpered at his agressiveness but loved how he owned her. This was her Master, and all of the extra play in the world could not fill her like he did. Everything else was entertainment to fill the lonley times. But it was nothing like his touch. The control he had over her was full and total. She never questioned anything he did. He would own her and in moments like these be rough and aggressive but never mean. He always controled her with strong silent power.  And she adored him for it. Never pushing her beyond what she could bear, but always pushing the limits. The freedom he gave her from the rules of society often left her breathless.

Like now he owned her body. She was there to please him, to be a receptacle for his needs. To suffer the punishement of her sin. She knew he was watching, and she knew that to play alone was one thing, but to take herself to climax without his permission was another.  All of her body belonged to him. With each deep and powerful thrust she felt him lay claim to her. And even in the roughness of his love making she felt his love. It was like waves crashing over her. Engulfing her entire being in safety and love.

Cum for me Bitch, he ordered and she began to stroke herself. Building the crest of the wave. But it was not enough for him. So he lay her on her back and rammed into her ass again. From there he was in control of all of her body and began stroking her clit himself. Slapping her wet pussy, her swollen lips sucking at his fingers. Lick he demanded as he shoved his fingers in her mouth. The taste of her wetness on them. She smiled at him and he laughed. You like that dont you he asked. And she blushed. How could he make her blush? His cock ramming her ass, his hand slapping her pussy, and yet he could and did.

She knew the moment was close and begged him to let her cum. He told her that she had lost the right to cum and he was the one who was going to get all he needed. That she was not allowed. That made her need even worse, but she did all she could to not cum. He still pounded her as he dumped his hot load within her.  When he was finally empty he pulled himself from her and asked if she wanted to cum. Yes please, she begged, NO was his answer as his mouth enveloped her wet throbbing clit. She screamed for him to stop but he would not relent. DO NOT CUM, MY PET he ordered as he continued lapping up her tasty wetness. When he had cleaned her he leaned up and kissed her.  Maybe tomorrow he said with a sly grin on his face.

Looking at him with love and pride her only reply was, As you wish my Master and fell asleep in his arms.


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