The pirate and the Lady

The time of tall ships and pirate kings is at hand. Fair maidens roam market places and saucy wenches play bar maid in taverns.

Long months at sea has caused a yearning in his loins and a craving on his tongue. Whiskey and a wench to calm them both.

He wandered the streets of town looking for something to fill his need. A bawdy tavern with loud music catches his ear  and he begins to stride inside. But a whisp of lavender and rose stops him in his tracks. He slowly turns and there across the street is a creature that leaves him breathless. Such elegant beauty wrapped in fine fabric, with a corsetted waist and elegant crimson hair. She is no street wench. To aproach her would be foolish. It is clear that she is a woman of status. She goes about her business, not even noticing him.  But he can not take his eye off of her. Every move is elegant and graceful. He stands there in the entrance until the fair maiden is gone from sight.

Shaking his head as if to clear her from his mind he enteres the tavern and orders his whiskey. The place is full of busty bar wenches who  are eager to fill  his needs. After all he is quite the figure of a man. Tall and broad shoulders with narrow hips as a patch over one eye, lost years ago in a duel over a woman.  He looks, but is not drawn to any of them. After months at sea he should of bedded several of them by now. But she is trapped in his mind.  Hours pass and the whiskey has taken its effect on him. So he retires alone upstairs. His night full of dreams of the crimson haired beauty.

Morning finds him raging with desire. That woman has put a fire in his loins. His breakfast is brought to him by a flaxen haired maid who does not miss the arousal in his lap. She smiles as she slips between his knees. But he stops her and sends her on her way. For he will have no one until he can have the woman who has invaded his sleep.

Days turn to weeks and weeks to months as he watches her. From the dress shop to the stables, to the finest establishments in town for her meals. Grabbing bits of infromation about her, hungry to know all there is. The beautiful woman in Lady DeLuna. The daughter of Lord De Luna a wealthy land owner. His only daughter DeAnn is promised in marriage to a Spanish Lord. All to settle land disputes. It sickens him to see her traded off like cattle. This woman should be savored and cherished and protected, and HAD.

Day after day he watches her from afar. Night after night his dreams are plagued with his desire to have her in his bed. To take that pure looking rose and tarnish her into his own personal pet.

DeAnns wedding date is fast approaching. And she is forlorn. She wants magical adventures and lust. She may have been raised a lady. But years of living in a sea side town full of men coming in off of the sea has taught her a thing or two. And despite what others may think she has not missed the comings and goings of the pirate who follows her about town. More than once she has had a sleepless night dreaming of how it would be in his strong arms. Now as she sits looking at her wedding wardrobe she wishes she could just run into the night and vanish like a ship lost at sea. Morning dawns and she boards her scooner for her final trip to her new husbands home. She will be wed in 3 weeks. With a heavy heart she says goodby and looks for her pirate. He stands on the dock looking as sad as she feels.


Two days later on calm seas her scooner is over taken. There is no gunfire as her vessel is boarded by the mysterious pirate. There seems to be honor among pirates as he has no trouble scooping her and her belongings aboard his ship while the scooner sails away under a new pirate flag.  The transition is without a word. And DeAnn is left stunned. Who is this man who could so easily cause her once loyal crew to abandon her without a word.


Standing in her pressence he wants nothing more but to pick her up and cart her off to his bed. But there is something about her. The need within him has not been fed for almost a year. And in that time his desire for her has grown. With frusteration her sweeps her up with one arm and totes her off to her own chambers. Dropping her on  the bed he looks at her and says” If you wish i will take you to your wedding, but i ask that you stay here with me until that day”. Then with a flourish he leaves.  Than damn woman, having her so close and not being able to touch her is torture.  Little does he know that next door she is pacing the floor wishing he would come in and take full ownership of his latest conquest.


The days pass and the two begin to talk. He tells her tales of the sea. And his longing to find some quiet cove somewhere. Where he would wish to live out the rest of his days with a wife and family at his side.  She tells him of her life on the plantation. Of her love of horses and music. She sees the softer side of him. And he is amazed to see the tough side of her as she pitches in to swab the decks and mend the sails. Each day the fondness grows as does the maddening ache in his body. There are nights when he wants to kick down the door and simply take what he wants. But something stops him. He would die if he ever saw fear in her chocolate eyes.


It is the day on which her scooner was to arrive at port. And DeAnn knows they will come looking for her if she does not show by nightfall. She has no wish to marry the Lord. Her heart has fallen captive to this tall daring man. All that seperates them is a door and her own stubbornness. After dinner she looks at him and smiles. If he only knew what was in her heart.  She scurrys off to her quarters and wheeps upon her bed. Anger over takes her and she grabbs at the bridal gown in the closet. Ripping it to shreds with her bare hands. It lies in tattered pieces on the floor.Thru blured eyes she sees her bridal night gown. Layers of lace. Cut to hug her feminine body. And just as she is about to destroy it her mind races. Could she? Dare she? The world be damned. She knows what she wants.

Drying her eyes, she slips into the gown and brushes her hair. She unlocks the door between them and waits for him. In the darnkess of his room she feels at peace. This is her home. He is hers. And soon there will be no question of her intent.  When he arrives in his darkened room he catches the scent of her on the air. His heart leaps. Could it be? He has only dreamed of her here. Was his mind playing tricks on him after wanting her for so long?


But there on his bed was the woman who had haunted his dreams. The woman who had ruined him for any other woman. She looked at him with shining eyes and smiled. “you have never told me your name” she said.  Stunned in silence he barely sputterd JET. She slipped from his bed and onto the floor in front of him. Her head resting on his knee. She looked up at him and whispered, “Jet my Master, I am yours, do with me as you will”

His head spun as all of the desires in him came crashing upon him at once. He lifted her from the ground and gently lay her upon his bed. Staring at that beautiful creature he knew there would be time to break the wild side of her. But for now he only longed to caress the gentle woman befor him. And to hear her scream his name.


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