Today, Tonight, Always

pink moonI am often overwhelmed by my feelings

They consume me, control me, mold me

They are so powerful that i find that i am powerless in thier wake

A sane person wold be fightened by this

But i relish it

To have given myslef over to them means i have given myself to you

Because every breath, every heart beat, every thought is of you

I go about my day in a haze

Each step in automatic pilot until the next time i hear your voice, see your face

I take pride is my work, so that you take pride in me

I conside how i dress and adorn myself, for you

Morning comes and you are the first thought on my mind

Night falls and you the last thing i think of befor i sleep

And even my dreams are haunted by your image

I did not know that love could feel like this

And i know that i will love you

Today, Tomorrow, Always

Because.. you love me


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