to give expecting nothing…?

nothing in return

I saw this quote and i wondered if in reality that were true? Can you give of your all and expect nothing in return? The i paused and realized that for many years i did just that. I gave my all to a man who did not appreciate it. Did not even realize what i was doing. And gave me nothing in return. For years i was content. I thought i was happy. But somewhere something changed. I realized that love, real, true, hones,t deep love is a give and take. If you give all of yourself it is only logical to expect someone elses all in return. Love is like food. It feeds the soul. And love that is given and never returned leaves one party full and the other starving and neglected.

So at this point i begin to wonder, can the person who was so blatently the taker can learn to be a giver? Or is that just candy colored fantasy?  Do people really change? Or are they just who they are? Can they want to change deep in their hearts? And if so are they capable of long term growth and action?

I have heard WORDS.  Those who have, in moments of fear said they will do anything.

But i wonder if they have what is needed to make those words ACTIONS.

Life is a challenge. Often for the good. But……

When things get really hard. Who will stand beside you and show you they love you and who will fall? Who has lots of words and who would fall on thier sword to protect your heart?

I hope that in the end i am  a person of action and not one of words. That i can give jsut as good as i get, if not better. And that when it comes to love, i am a shower, not just a colorful lingquistic.


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  1. obeyme15 said,

    February 21, 2013 at 3:05 am

    I want to be your shower. Giving you what you need and deserve. I don’t care about all the other BS that you hear, stand under me and let me wash you with my love.

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