sand nude

I need some time off. I long for the sand and the sun. Warmth on my skin. I am tired of winter. Of sweaters and jeans and boots. I need to feel the sun baking me  lobster pink.  My last escape was to the mountains of Colorado. And while it was beautiful it did not feed the part of me that needs the ocean. I do not know why i have such a craving for the sound of waves crashing upon the shore. But it has been something that i have always longed for. There is no sound so calming to my soul as the constant hum of the ocean. I have already told everyone that when i leave this earth i want my ashes tossed into the ocean. It is where i have always felt at home. So this is me needing to feel home on my skin. Sand wedged into the crevaces of my flesh. And me one happy camper.


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  1. MaríMar said,

    March 5, 2013 at 10:12 pm

    Then you should come to visit me. 🙂
    Although not today since it overcast. lol
    I agree with you about the ocean and the sound of waves… I need to be close to them.
    I hope you get your vacation soon.

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