When life gets in the way

I am not sure which came first. The slowing of business or my spiral into darkness fueled by my dying marriage. All i know is that i seem to have lost some of my zest for my career.

It all has been overwhelming for the last couple of years. I have done things to spark my creative brain. But some how i am still struggling. My creativity has gone into writing the challanges, highs, lows, happiness and losses, and new love of my life. And while i am glad for the outlet i am finding that my focus should be on building this business that i love.

I find that my happiness comes from many places and when one of them is taking a beating, all of me takes it. I have been so focused on the cratering of my life that i forgot to keep building that which would support me when i am on my own.

I awoke at 3 am with a churning stomach. Simply because bills are due and business has not been as good as it needs to be. I have not been sitting idle waiting for a miracle.

I am currently adding organic spa facials to my line up. I am working on building new clients. Offering specials on Facebook and attempting to grow a younger client base. I also talked to one of my sales reps about classes and am scheduled to attend one on suday. I have decided to not let my feelings about the other areas of my life muck up the one thing i am Damn good at. I love what i do. And yes there is some burn out. For heavens sake i have been doing it for 22 years as of this month. But i love my career, and i have been building this for along time.

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