Recently my little head has been thinking alot about self worth and value.

And i woke up with an ah ha moment…

Purpose… if we have no purpose, no use, then we can not see the value of ourself.

Some people find their value in their work ( i do)

Some find it in their care taking of others (here too)

But i think that some people never find what they feel gives them value.

And it that they become stagnant. They do not see their worth.

And some of us doubt we have value past the things we can see.

When others tell us we are valuable we scoff at them.

Maybe we learned it as children. Maybe we did not become the head cheer leader in school. Or we were not the straight a student. So on one told us we were important.

Maybe as an adult we wondered aimlesly looking for our nich in life. But some where we were looking for our purpose. Personally i know that my sexual abuse taught me that i was only valuable for one thing. And it has made my adult life a challenge from time to time. But i knew i was more than that.. So i kept looking.. I am wicked good at my job. And that has given me purpose and direction when things were hard.

So i sit back and think about those who have sat back and not pushed themselves to become more than what they are. Those who are obviously not happy in life. And i want to tell them…. GO, DO, FIND YOUR PURPOSE.

Sitting there complaining about things will not change anything. Life is all about action. And i have to admit i have been guilty of sitting there doing nothing. But i am still learing. I want to be better, to grow and become so much more. So i refuse to be stagnant. Even when others do not see change,,, trust me.. my mind is planning and plotting and thinking and growing and changing and finding new purpose…



  1. Arina said,

    March 21, 2013 at 3:27 pm

    So very well written! Reblogged and shared on my fan page!

  2. Sassy Sarah said,

    March 21, 2013 at 7:32 pm

    You are so right..Purpose that is good..I struggle with my self worth. Most of my life I have been made to feel like my presents was a burden and everyone’s life would be better If I was not born..My family has been good at making me feel this way all my life and to this day in fact..My mom died almost 9 years ago and two weeks ago my aunt gave my brother letters that my mom had wrote us in sealed envelopes with our names on them….It was like I had to earn my letter….Sitting around complaining about shit is only good for a minute and no more, we all need to do it for that minute to get it out of us, but any longer is only a waste of time..There comes a time in life when we have to take responsibility for the choice we make and can no longer blame it on the things that happen to us growing up…

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