There are moments in life that are gifts. Some are like that sweater you get from grandma on x mas. It sucks but at least she thought of you. Some are like the cold you got from hugging your grand kid. It really sucks but you love the hug so much that you will get over it.

Then there are the gifts that warm your soul. They come from many places in life. Where does not really matter. Simply the fact that you recieved them is enough. They are the things that you needed. Not always the things you wanted. But they are perfect in the moment. They don’t always cost money. In fact the best ones don’t. They are a hug when you are down. A smile when you soul is weary. New shoes when you are feeling like a frumpy hand maiden instead of a princess. The scent of lavender to calm you. A flower blooming when it should not. A little boy yelling GRANDMA as he runs and jumps in your arms. His giggle when he kisses you cheek and you squeek like a mouse. Looking at your daughter and seeing the happiness in her eyes.

But most of all the love from a good man. One who hears you when you speak. Not just what you say but what you don’t say. How he loves your flaws. The pieces of you that you wish were different. How he would not change a thing about you. But supports you when you choose to make positive changes. The little names he calls you, even if other people don’t understand them. How he lifts your spirit when someone steps on it. How he makes time for you when he really has other things to do. A million little things that mean so much.

Gifts don’t always come in pretty wrappings. But when they come from the heart the wrapping does not matter.


1 Comment

  1. mlbk7 said,

    April 5, 2013 at 12:05 am

    Words of affection and sentiment are always wonderful and s precious moment from your Master. I’m sure pet names would be lovely too. xo

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