Green eyed monsters and wounded hearts

i had a moment where i did not know who i was
Someone foregin to me took over
She was envious and angry
Not the gentle heart of your princess
I do not regret her arival
I only regret how she affected you
Because in her eyes i saw something else
The depth of my love for you
The desire to hold you in my arms and keep you there
Safe from the desires of others
To be all that you need in this world
Not to be part of a triad or groupe
But to simply be the other half that makes you whole
And in my madness you showed me love
The true depth of your heart
You swore to me your fidelity
The love and keeping of your flesh for mine
We are bound, bound in love and need
Each others, other half
But… lessons have been learned
Words spoken, feelings felt, tears cried and longings denied
So we stop and choose to let it go
Move on from here
Lock the green eyed monsters away
Speak freely to each other and to others
Taking care to remember that we each have a tender heart
And a jealous streak
So i limit the conversations with my past
To safeguard your heart
And you only listen to my creshendo
And we stop the deamons and worry
You my moon, me your sunshine
My pirate king, Your princess wench
My love, my heart, your soulmate


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