this is love.


There comes a point in every parent’s life, that you start referring to your children as “those” people. I know you are supposed to love them unconditionally, but there will come a time that you just feel like saying, “Really?! Are you really THAT kind of stupid?!” I am SO over being a parent, right now; so tired of the endless battles. It’s been 19 years of battles fought every. single. day.

And you kid yourself when they’re small. You are told it gets easier as they get older. This is a lie on the scale that mothers tell pregnant women that giving birth is similar to menstrual cramping. Parenting does NOT get easier as they get older as the ramifications to stupidity are magnified. You can’t give a “time out” to a 17 year old. When a 19 year old decides to screw up their life, as a parent…

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