suits of armor

today I was thinking. We all wear armor.
Mine is pretty clothes and high heeled shoes. Any thing to give people something to look as besides me.
It was big pieces of jewelry
But someone recently told me that my jewelry was supposed to be an accent to my beauty not a distraction
So it had me thinking. I really hate clothes. In fact as I sit here I am in my birthday suit.
There is a freedom to it. Nothing to hide behind, nothing between me and the world.
So why do we use things to hide behind.
Clothes, shoes, makeup, loud personalities, bold personalities, any thing to keep the world at bay.
We are constantly shielding ourselves but from what?
Are we afraid of love finding us?
Are we hiding from the happiness that waits just around the corner?
Or have we just become so comfortable in our armor that we are unaware that we are even covered in it?
So take a moment and ask yourself, what is my armor? And why? Do I want to live hiding in plain sight? or am I ready to face the world in my birthday suit? NO that does not mean that we all become nudists. But that we let down our guard, and let the world in.
I for one am ready to let my guard down. I will still wear my shoes and my clothes but I will wear them as an open invitation to others to say hello. Because the world is a wonderful place.medieval-suits-of-armor-1


1 Comment

  1. July 2, 2013 at 8:06 am

    How Beautiful. I love your mind and how you think. So Lovely. xo

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