Sometimes magic is written


I was excited to write with this poet.  He certainly has a beautiful way with his words.  Check his site out and follow him like I did. 
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She sat in the snow
Under a gazing moon
Feeling flakes melt
On her heated flesh
Unaware of his eyes
She stretched out
Into an icy comfort
Into a frozen desire
Her breath meted out
The beats of his heart
From an infinite brink
His trembling body
Hearkened to her yon
To feel the aching blush
Of her precious heat
Upon his frigid form
Her shape was numbed
By atmospheric breath
Doing nothing to inhibit
Her passionate needs
She could no longer
Feel her coat of flesh
But feverish embers
Still glowed down deep
Beneath his taiga skin
In the flame of fantasy
In the chill of the snow
They wrapped each…

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