Want, Need, and desire

I am having this battle in my head, want, need and desire.

Are they not all connected? Can you not have desire for someone and not need them?

Can you not want someone and not need them?

And what is NEED anyways? 

I am a strong independent woman, I can take care of myself. But yet there is a need in me for physical contact. I want someone in my life to fill that need. But will I die without it, or without them? Is it then a need or simply a want? And what is the damn difference?

Does desire not breed want? And why is wanting someone not enough? Is it emotional vs physical? I keep looking for some logical explanition to something that I think is truly a mental and emotional issue.

We as humans want to be needed. We need to be wanted. So they seem to be interchangeable if not one in the same. We have the need to feel as if someone would be lost without us. It gives  us a since of power and control. It also gives us a since of purpose. That we are an intrugal part of another persons being. That  we are as necessary to them as blood and air.

But there in lies the risk. Can we find in one person all that we need and want?

Does there have to be that connection of the physical, emotional and mental? Or can it be a mix of all of those, or even just one?

My brain keeps thinking that want is a temporary thing. A physical or emotional craving. We see something or someone and we WANT.

Need is mental and emotional. It is a bond, a connection of one soul to another.

That need can build upon the want, the cravings of the flesh. But want can not build Need.

Need is something stronger, more permanent.

Hell now I have even confused myself.

I know that I am filled with desire and want. I have even said to someone that I do not need them. And while I am capable of living my life and taking care of myself in the basic things in life, I do NEED HIM. I need his love and support, I need his guidance and direction. I need the strength and confidence he builds in me. And I need the physical part of our relationship. I crave him, I want him, I desire him. YES I NEED HIM


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  1. July 23, 2013 at 10:00 pm

    In my universe, if all the stars had to fall.I would scream to the skies,
    to heed my call.

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