The Divide

I seem to be living these words. The wanting of him, the loving him, and yet my own demons keeping us apart. Some invisible wall that I have yet to tear down. Locking myself away and keeping him just out of reach. Knowing that we would feel so much more peace in each others embrace. And yet I stand my ground like some demented fool. My head and my heart and my demons doing battle at the expense of his heart. In the end we both will suffer and my heart will die a thousand deaths because I could not let the wall down.

Hungry For More


Surrounded in white.

It’s all I can see.

A dark figure ahead.

Stepping closer.

In this isolation.

You draw me in.

Again I move forward.

You seem miles away.

My salvation lies ahead.

It lies with you.

I know I’ll reach you.

No matter how long it might take.

It doesn’t matter.

I continue on.

My pace quickens the closer I get.

Anticipation builds.

Wanting you in my arms.

To feel your touch.

The comfort that you offer.

Almost there.

You come into view.

I stop and take you in.

Your lips curve upward.

A smile forms.

Returning my own.

I approach you.

The warmth in your expression.

An affectionate gaze.

I reach out to you.

Your hand is there.

Stretched out and palm up.

Our fingers are about to meet.

I feel something hard.

Not your tender flesh.

An invisible wall.

Separating us.

Pulling my hand back.

So strange.

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