Choices,options and loyalty

option choice

For every man out there… Read it, Reread it… think about it, take it to heart.

Every woman out there, sub, dom, Vanilla princess, or defiant brat needs to know that she is your world. She needs to feel it, see it, touch the very soul of it.


This has made me think all weekend. What kind of woman am I really? I am not sure. Where does my loyalty lie? Am I? Can I be? Do I really care if the man I love has nothing or everything? Do I question his ability to be loyal? How can I question anything when I know my own history? But do circumstances in life change what loyalty is? Do I want to be with someone who make my Green Eyed Monster flash, or with someone who puts me at such ease that I am not even remotely jealous? Is there such a person?

So many questions, so many emotions, so much life to be lived, so much passing me by while I sort this shit out. It makes me wonder if I should just leap head first into something and pray it all gets sorted out, or if caution is the wisest course of action?


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