Rainy day

The rain fell gently outside of her window. Grey clouds overhead floated like fall leaves on a windswept pond. The lull of the raindrops making her body melt into the overstuffed chair by the big bay window. From the corner of her eye she could see him working. Hiding from the rain under the neighbors porch. While everyone else hid in their trucks from the showers, he still toiled away. Seemingly undaunted by the rain clouds over head. He pulled one board after another up onto the saw horses. Meticiously measuring and cutting each one.
Following a numbered list in his pocket. Finally he stopped and leaned up against the post lighting a cigarette. In the over cast the glow from it was like a firefly in the dark. It almost lit his angular features like a painting. Soft curls edged their way from under his cap, ginger whiskers covered the chistled chin. His eyes held a sparkle that even in the gloomy weather held promise of childlike mischief. There was something daring and drawing about him.

Days past and she watched him thru rain storms and on bright sunny days. He had a strength about him that his size defied. He was not a big man, certainly not the type she normally was drawn to. But there was something about him she could not ignore. She watched him work twice as hard as every other man there. Yes there were a few who’s physical presence was enticing. But she found herself watching his every move. As the days went by the job was beginning to come to an end. And the idea of him not outside her window made her almost despondent.

One day in quiet desperation she went outside to wash the windows. Dressed in cutoffs and a red plaid shirt tied just below her ample breasts. She climbed the short ladder. Her best attempt at drawing his eye. Behind her she could hear the muted conversation of men. She as turned on some music, and when it moved her she allowed her hips to sway gently to its rhythm. After a bit she heard a couple of whistles and one rather rude cat call. She stopped and turned just in time to hear him read the riot act to his work buddies about the proper way to treat a lady. She was so stunned she almost fell off her perch. With a slow and perpousful gait he strode across the yard, his eyes never leaving her face. As he got closer his eyes never wandered from hers. That was not an action she expected. She was sure he would at least sneak a peek at her exposed cleavage. Yet he remained ever the gentleman. “Let me apologize for my mutant friends” he said. “their mothers obviously dropped them on their heads”. She was left stunned and speechless. His smile was contagious. Up close she could see the sparkle in his eyes and hear the smoke filled timber of his laugh. She was sure she was staring and quickly turned her head. “would you like something to drink” she asked. He accepted with a smile and waited for her on the porch, so as to not track his dirty boots into her house. What manners she though, and so cute too. This could be fun, lets just see where it goes.

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  1. September 11, 2013 at 9:58 pm

    Thank God for dirty windows! Good luck!

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