The clouds have parted…(pt 2.. follow up to Rainy Days)

Sitting there on her porch the conversation with him seemed to flow with gentle ease.
It seemed as if they had known each other for a life time. His bright eyes and sweet smile taking in her own. She caught him once, just once, taking a quick glance at her curves, and watched him smile with approval and appreciation. He told her that they would be done by weeks end, and he must of caught the look of disappointment on her face, though she tried to hide it.
Break time was over and he sauntered back to his job. His buddies eyeing him with just a hint of jealously and brotherly pride. How that little guy seemed to hook in the ladies was beyond them. They never seemed to grasp that his gentle demeanor that was like catnip. He did not need to be bold and aggressive. He just put women at ease treating them like the ladies they were.

For the next few days she took him tea, and cookies and even a sandwich or two. His friends eyeing him with even more jealousy. It was clear that she had a soft spot growing for the ginger headed boy. His face hid his youth. He had lived a hard life and was often mistaken as an older man than his 30 something years. She was sure he was closer to 40. And his actions and demeanor were that of a wiser and older man. So she was quite surprised the day one of his buddies called him the baby of the bunch, and he had to confess to his age. She felt like a dirty old woman for a moment, but when he smiled at her she decided she did not care. She would own the title of cougar if the fates saw fit to brand her with it.

Friday came and the tools began to vanish into work trucks. Job site trash found it way into the huge dumpster, and paint splattered radios dissapered into dented trucks full of scrap lumber headed for the next job. She did not see much of him as he was busy with all of the finishing details of the job. Just before he headed out he made his way to her porch. He flashed her one of those radiant smiles and handed her a business card before planting a swift kiss on her cheek and turning away.
On the back of the card was this note, Just in case you need me for anything, here’s my number. And by the way I like my women with wicked curves and a few years on me.” I would love to take you to dinner sometime.
He did not wait for her to read it, nor for an answer. But simply got into his truck and headed down the road to the next job. Little did he realize that his drive was a short one. His next job,,, her front porch. She had hired him directly from his own boss. Not the entire crew, but just him. The job she had in mind was clearly a one man job. And as far as she was concerned he was the one man for the job.



  1. Kayla Lords said,

    September 12, 2013 at 9:38 am

    I like this! Will there be more??

    • loneyheart said,

      September 12, 2013 at 2:37 pm

      the story is far from finished. Like life I think this one needs to have a slow simmer to it. Any thing that is so quickly jumped into seems to burn hot and fast and is then gone. I want this one to sizzle for a bit.

      • Kayla Lords said,

        September 13, 2013 at 12:43 am

        And that is something I understand COMPLETELY!

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