The persuit begins (pt 3)

He is sitting at the end of the drive checking the address of his next job when it hits him. For a moment he is stunned, almost like a brick to the chest. The next he laughs out loud, shakes his head and makes the quick turn into her drive. She is sitting on the front steps with 2 glasses of iced tea in her hands.
“well this is a surprise” he says as the exits the truck, lighting a smoke with his free hand. She just smiles and hands him the glass. He leans against the porch rail and immediately topples backwards as it snaps off, sending him into the flower bed. Dropping her drink from her hand she bounds to his side, and with fear in her eyes begs to know he is ok. “just some bruised pride mame” he says, as he dusts off and pulls himself erect.
“Well, at least I know there is some actual work to be done” he laughs as he searches the ground for his lost cigarette. She finds it and the empty tea glass and hands him his smoke.
“let me get you a fresh glass and then I can show you around” she says with a hint of amusement in her voice.
She gave him the grand tour. The unfinished kitchen, the living room with no flooring, the bedroom with unpainted walls, the bath that somehow ended up with camouflage paneling on the walls that must leave and soon. And of course the broken deck. “my ex was never much good at finishing things” was her explanation. EX he thought, how did a creature as beautiful as this one ever end up with an EX?
I guess I will find out in time he though, as he began the list of purchases to make, and which job held most importance. With the time of year fast approaching Fall he decided the deck was first on the list. Everything else was inside and could be done should the weather not play fair.
At times he knew he was really doing a two man job. But he was alone on this one. So she would offer him a hand. Picking up tools, handing him a board when he was on the ladder, any little thing to just be close by. And of course she fed him. He often complained that he would be the size of a house when this job was finished, but he happily ate every bite of ever delicious meal she made. ” Now you know why I have curves” she would laugh each time she handed him a plate. He had to admit that woman had some wicked sexy curves and more than once when she was bent over picking up a board or a tool he would appreciate the nice full roundness of her ass. Besides her eyes and that amazing 1000 watt smile it had to be one of her best features, and he would wonder how it would feel in his hands.
Just about the time the first snow fell they were standing in the front yard admiring the handy work they had accomplished. That was one fine deck. And no one was going to go rolling off into the flower bed from a snapped rail anymore.

With Thanksgiving just around the corner his next job was to give that wicked cook a proper kitchen. He was sure he could already smell the aroma of her baked turkey and pecan pie. Helping her pick out tile and paint gave him some strange fuzzy feelings. The place was beginning to feel like home, and that was a thought that made him shake his head in wonderment. Each day when he had to leave he found it harder and harder to walk out that door. More and more he just wanted to go kiss her and then pull her onto the couch. He toyed with the idea a few times. Would he just kiss her until dawn or would he pull off her yoga pants and turn her cute butt pink with a few firm swats from his hand? The idea made him almost uncomfortably hard, but he seemed to always be that way when she was anywhere around. The week before Thanksgiving the kitchen was done. It sparkled like a jewel and when she was in it the place had the warm glow of home. She invited him to holiday dinner, and he happily accepted. And he wondered, if he played his cards right, would she be the present under the Christmas tree?


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