Happy Holidays (pt 4)

The flurry of activity during the next couple of weeks was such that he rarely saw her. She was looking radiant but stressed at the idea of family and friends being around for the holidays. She was so proud of the changes in the house, but felt there was still so much to do. And she wanted it all to be perfect. As she prepared for a feast fit for a king and his court, he hustled to try and make the dining room and living room as finished as possible.

One day while she was out shopping he fond the closet with the holiday decorations. He wondered if he was overstepping a line, but he so wanted to give her a special gift. So he pulled the tree out and found it a home next to the corner. He did not want to step on toes, so he simply put the lights on it. By the time she got home the tree was glowing softly in the dark.

Walking into the house she could see the glow. She paused in the door way and began to cry at the sight. “I really messed up” were the words that slipped from his mouth as he walked across the room to her. She was startled by his voice and jumped almost directly into his arms.  “NO” was all she could muster before placing a gentle kiss on his lips. That embrace felt like it had been a lifetime coming. She felt at home for the first time in years. Here in her living room in the glow of the Christmas tree in the arms of a man who had become her friend. The knowledge of that lifting the weight from her shoulders. In that moment her head and heart made a decision her body had wanted from day one. Taking him by the hand she led him down the hall into her bedroom.

YES, NO, MAYBE, OH HELL. That and much more screamed in his head as he realized what was about to happen. In a flash every desire he had held for her was on the precipice of becoming a reality. Stopping himself he looked into her eyes and asked “are you sure”

“Shut up and kiss me you fool” was her response.

Bodies became a tangle of arms and legs. Kisses gave way to deep and emotional moans of wanton need. Her body had not been a temple of desire for far to long. And in all honesty he had not been with a woman in a very long time. A marriage gone bad had left him wounded some time back and he had refused to take that emotional and physical leap of faith. But somehow in this moment, with this woman it was no leap.

Dawn found them still wrapped up in each other. Arms and legs entwined like the roots of an old tree. Bodies touching in the most tender of fashions, but with electricity that was palpable. He was not sure how many times during that sleepless night they had made love, but here in the breaking of day, watching her sleep he knew that he had been blessed and that he could not wait for whatever lay ahead




  1. Kayla Lords said,

    September 15, 2013 at 9:41 pm

    This part brought to tears to my eyes…

    ” A marriage gone bad had left him wounded some time back and he had refused to take that emotional and physical leap of faith. But somehow in this moment, with this woman it was no leap.”

    I forget that sometimes things are just right…and that you can somehow get lucky enough to not have to leap…thank you for the reminder…

    • loneyheart said,

      September 16, 2013 at 5:05 pm

      Hugs. It is a piece of my life that I have looked for. That moment when something is just so right that it happens. Not that life is ever easy. But for that one persons who when they show up in your life the challenges seem less of a challenge.

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