Holding On

Rainbow colored days

Moonlit colored nights

Holding on to what she had

Letting go of what’s not right

Building dreams from reality

Letting fantasy take flight

Hoping she is choosing well

Knowing she is right

She is her own rock

Her own foundation stone

She builds upon the dreams

That she wants to make her own

So she is holing on to memories

Holding on to hope

Knowing all a long

She just needs a little rope

Binding up the memories

Tying up the past

Putting away the packages

Of pain that just won’t last

So she’s holding on to memories

Saving for the day

When all her fated failures

Just up and fade away

Holding on to memories

Clinging hard to dreams

Just one more breath

And taking in the seams




1 Comment

  1. gemini said,

    September 17, 2013 at 10:01 pm

    This is beautiful and a little sad. I can relate somewhat. xx

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