When love comes softly

Love is a mysterious thing.
The way it enters your world is different every time.
Love can whop you on the head like a bat to the skull
Or it can hit you in the gut like a kick to the stomach
Sometimes it sneaks in and bites you like some poisonous viper.
Leaving you with a gaping and rotting wound
It catches you off guard and knocks you to your knees
But no matter how loves shows up, it mere presence leaves you humbled

But my favorite is when love comes softly
When you are there with someone you know, or have known
When you are simply comfortable in each others presence
When they know enough of you that you can not hide behind words
Because they know your actions and those are what counts
When they know your secrets and are still in your life and you know they are not leaving
When one day out of the blue, the hug of a friend holds something else
That little spark that makes your heart leap
That something that makes you eager to see them again, if only to say hello
And when they look at you with that wicked sparkle in their eyes and say to you flat out,
You know I like you, and not just because your my friend.
When a once common dinner invitation becomes a, What the hell am I going to wear” marathon

You see, us girls get together
And We are not afraid to tell each other the straight up truth
Love that hits you like a wrecking ball will leave your wrecked
Love that hits you like a freight train will leave you flat on the tracks
Love that sneaks in like a snake will leave you gaping and rotting
But love that comes gently, that love that needs not scale a wall, or even bother to take it down.
But that love that seemed to know where the door was, and had a key.
That love is the one that was there in the garden of your heart all along.
It is not easy, but it has an ease about it. It does not mean that you will not have to work for it.
But at least you have a map to the heart and soul of the person you are dealing with, because you have been part of the landscape.
It need not burn with wild fire. Because and un managed fire leaves devastation in its wake. But one that has a nice slow simmer, well that is a love that last.
We all long for that love. We all hope your and yearn for that love. And if we are lucky we find that love in the arms of someone who can love us too. Because we came, not like a brass band with crashing symbols. But because we came softly, with gentle hearts and gentle hands.


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