today my head hurts

It is as much physical as it is emotional pain

That which grabs hold of you when a friend stabs you in the back

Some moment in time that you don’t even recall

A grudge of emotion they are holding on to

Words spewed in anger with vile venom

Two lives that were traveling down parallel roads

One who’s plans did not turn out as she had expected

And who is embracing that change with some grace

Finding happiness in the little things

The other who’s bitterness and anger seem all consuming

The one who gave up a man who loved her

And yet she acts as if she chose wrong

So now everyone around must suffer her frusteration

Innocent words that seem to have awoken the beast

Accusations thrown like knives

I am responsible for my own choices

I made them, I take them for what they are

We are molded by how others treat us

That does not make them responsible for our actions

But it is a catalyst

Each day a step, each moment a choice

I will hold my head up with pride

Yes I have made some decision I wish I could change

But I will not be the brunt of your bad mood

You can take that shit somewhere else

I have been other peoples emotional garbage dump for far to long





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