She lived her life broken

the child of damaged souls

a play toy to the world

unable to stand on her own


Life was a battle ground

covered in the blood of her shattered heart

her faith in humanity lost

holding no true hope for mankind


A white knight on a fiery steed came calling

and dreams and hopes came true

but life has a way of falling

and this abyss was new


time past

hope fades

dreams lost

blossoms gone


she took lovers in search of feeling

she was like a holy man, beaten by self

not with knot tied ropes

but by her own self loathing


there were moments of sunshine

glimmers of hope in the dark

but she could not stay in the sun

it was not there in here heart


Until one day in desperation

she loved and lost once more

seeing others broken by her madness

was more that her heart could absorb


How could she do to others

what had kept her broken so long

so she pulled herself up by her boot straps

and packed away her demon hoards


She will dare to stand in the sun

She will risk its burn on her skin

She will see each day beginning

And embrace when it comes to an end


She will choose when to love wisely

No more to gather hearts like badges

And pray that in time those she has loved

Will forgive her transgressions


For she was a girl unknowing

Un realizing the sins of her ways

And she was also still searching

For love to fill her days


But now she is older and wiser

Her heart not so broken in two

Stitched back together by those

Who loved her even though they knew



But now she is older and wiser


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  1. September 28, 2013 at 4:29 am

    This is so lovely…

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