morning ride

The day began to wake with the faintest glimmer of sunlight peeking thru the curtains. Her eyes adjusting to the splinters of light.

Next to her he lay sleeping. His warm naked body a curled up mound under the covers. Reaching out her fingers grazed his thigh. He did not stir. Like bristles on a paint brush her fingers ran back and forth over his skin leaving a trail of goose bumps. With a moment of bold daring her hand trailed to see if his body had responded to her touch. There under the covers was his magnificent manhood in full erection. She loved his body, and the sheer size of his cock. She knew she would never be able to take all of it, no matter where he tried to put it. And yes she loved the challenge. But damn that boy was hung like a horse.

His body was slightly turned away from her, but as her fingertips gently rounded the crest of his perfectly cut crown his entire body shifted. Now she was faced with a delima. Continue to stroke it, hoping he would wake  and take her. Slide down and take him in her mouth, knowing that at some point he would grab her hair in his sleep and shove the full length of his cock down her throat, only to fully wake when he came in her mouth. Or climb on him and take all she wanted. It was all tempting thoughts, but the every increasing dampness between her wet lips told her what she needed.

With the grace of a jungle cat she put him beneath her. His eyes flickering as his erection slipped between her wet and quivering lips. She slid ever so slowly down, trying to take in the full length of him. She leaned forward whispering in his ear. I need you. A smile escaped his lips as he whispered back, Then take what you want my queen. He wrapped his arm around her waist and held her tightly to his chest. Their bodies doing a complex but primal dance until in trembling exhaustion she screamed his name as their bodies reached a combined climax.  Even spent he filled her body. She looked at him with proud eyes and a beaming smile. This was sure one hell of a way to start the weekend. Laying there on his chest she drifted off to sleep. He was indeed her King.

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