Decision time (pt 6)

Now they had two homes. Each with remenants of past lives. Both were beautiful in their own right. Each they had somehow made their own marks on. But truth be told, neither really felt at home there.

Hers held to many memories of a life that should of been. A house turned into a home. Not by the husband she had begun life with. But with a kind and loving man who built it for her from her dreams.

His was a house that had once been a home. Filled with the laughter of children. That place that held dreams now dead.  He looked at it and wondered if it would ever be filled with laughter again.

They began splitting their time between the two. Making each as much of a home as they could. They had family and friends to both. They were waiting for that sign. The one that would help them see which would be their landing spot or if neither would finally win their hearts.

One day after they had been at his place for the last 6 weeks, laying new floors and remodeling the kitchen she held a secret. Her fear over telling him began to weigh heavy In her mind. This was not in their plans. Well she was not so sure they even had plans. But he just might walk on this one.

That night she cooked him one of her meals. It was not fancy, but it spoke to him of home and of family dinners around a table. Desert was a chocolate cake like no other. It was good enough to calm even his sweet tooth.

Holding him by the hands she sunk to her knees at his feet. She looked at him with such submission I her eyes and with such love In her heart. The shear weight of the words that were about to come out of her mouth were more powerful than either knew.

I am pregnant. That was all she uttered. Stunned silence swallowed the air in the room. Her eyes instantly down cast and her hands began to tremble. How far along, was the question he uttered. Just over a month, she choked thru a fine veil of tears.

He stood, gently pulling her to her feet. His strong arms lifting her from the ground as is she were a mere leaf on the wind. He carried her to his bed, placed her there and lay beside her.

His lips brushing her forhead. His eyes glistening as he looked deep into hers. Two hearts pounding so loudly each thought the other would soon wonder if they were ok. Live with me here, he asked with such gentle timidness.  Her thoughts swirled. Her home was larger, grander. But it was not this place where her child came to be. She knew how he longed to have a family here. And the love in this  mans eyes was all she needed to live. YES, were the words she uttered forth in one tiny breath.

She was home. They were home. And in a few short months, a child would be here in their home. Life as truly a gift. And love its greatest blessing.

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