Love, Domination, and knowing what i need

Self discovery is a great thing. Learning to trust your own self is a hard step.
What I am learning is that there is a great wide world out there full of many people who may or may not fit your needs and wants and desires as a human being.
I need to be loved, desired, wanted, made to feel the center of ones universe. I also love the sexual side of domination and submission. But I do not believe I could live every day of my life as a submissive. I am one defiant and strong willed woman.
It is ok to not always know exactly where you are in life. It makes it a journey, and adventure. But at some point you have to sit down, assess the situation, and make an informed decision.
I have chosen. I can not live my life as a sub. I can not live my life with a dominate male. I admire them. But I am to strong willed and I do not want to be broken. Yes I would love to be cuffed in the bed, have my ass spaked, and my hair pulled. I love being called baby girl, or daddy’s little slut. But out side of that magical place I had better be called princess and queen and love.
I am learning, accepting, growing, embracing, and living. And each person has been in my life to teach me those lessons. Thankfully I am smart enough to take them in and to move ever forward with them.


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