Which Witch?

me halloween

Life has been busy. But I am refusing to let it get in the way of fun. So when one of my favorite holidays came along I dressed up. Not in  fancy costume, but in the dark corners of my closet. I found my black pointy boots, a long black skirt, a flowy cream top and of course my corset and a witches hat. All in all just the trappings of my wardrobe that is as eclectic as I am.

I had the day off so I spent it at home, nesting. I have been making that space feel like a warm blanket. Covering one in happiness, softness and warmth. But it was Halloween, and Mens League at the Bowling Alley. Basically a captive audience for my busy boldness. I dressed and fluffed and headed to town. Once I got there my darling boyfriend looked at me and laughed a wicked laugh. He told me I was asking for it, showing up to a room full of men in that outfit. I warned him to reign in the green eyed monster and remember who I was going home to.


Who knew that some tata’s could reduce grown men into blithering children. But they do. One of his own team mates kept using my bust line for a goal post and kept tossing candy into my open neckline. I saw the flash of annoyance, followed by a moment of pride. YES I WAS GOING HOME WITH HIM, AND YES THEY THOUGHT HE WAS ONE LUCKY BASTARD.  His words, not mine.

All I know is that it was one powerful experience. And when I got home I got to be both a good Witch and a bad Witch. And with me,,, well,, good, bad, who knows aren’t they really all the same thing?



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