promise of potential

a reminder to stop, find yourself in the noise and be true to yourself first. the rest will fall in line


We forget we have a voice
When we give up the lives we knew
Taken over by spouses, work, children
Obligations, responsibilities, commitment
We drone on towards the end of the day
Working just to get a paycheck
Forgetting that we can do what we love
Monetary value of assigned positions
Why is there disparity when all jobs should be valued?
Nothing should be considered beneath us
We are queued and lined up
We clock in and check out
We are consumers and takers
And forget about living authentic lives
Giving back and doing what we love
Cell phones have to be paid
Property taxes and hydro bills are due
So we make choices and limit ourselves
Create a complicated financial web
Delicately balanced debt ratios
And income potential
So we can buy back to school backpacks
Ear buds and hightops
Parental sacrifice for the potential
That our children will…

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