Starting over, or Erasing the EX

Last night I got a new tattoo. An Alice in Wonderland themed piece to cover up an existing piece dedicated to my ex. 5 hours in the chair of pain to erase 24 years was worth it. Yes it will always be there buried beneath the surface. But it is no longer visible.

More importantly I don’t feel like it is invading my life. Photos of me and my King will no longer be marred by that previous ink. I feel like with the coming year I will have a fresh life, a new start.

And I may even be changing jobs. The physical damage I have done over the last 23 years  is causing me immense pain. I have damaged my shoulders. There is more testing in my future. There may be surgery, but only if I can not avoid it. I am refusing to get caught up in the WHAT COULD BE and I am choosing to focus on the WHAT IS, the here and now. Because it is good. I am happier than I knew I could be. My daughter adores my King. She says she has never seen me so happy. He is wonderful with my grandchildren. I can say without a doubt in my heart that I LOVE this man. I want many years with this man. The rest of my life in fact. I will be by his side, not behind him or beneath his feet, but hand in hand thru the challenges of life. I am truly divinely blessed.


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