Life is this thing

it moves and grows

it flows like water

slow and languid or rushing like tempest streams

It ebbs like the tide

and yet is as constant as the ocean

It can sit in stagnant pools and breed death

or it can flow slow and gentle and carve rock into deep chasms

Yes life is this

Love is like water too

It comes like torrid rainfall

flooding the arid plains

causing new life to spring forth

or it can dry up like the Mojave

and leave you begging for just one drop

It is key to survival

yes love is this

Fate is what happens

you can not change it or mold it

you can try to direct it

but in the end you are subject to it

it is ever changing and defiant

you can hope for one thing

but fate will give you what you need

not always what you ask for

yes fate is this

I have stopped trying to make life, love, and fate bend to my will

I have accepted that this is just what this is supposed to be

and I am happier for it

I have surrendered control and found that by doing so

I actually have more control over my life, my love and my future

It is a gentle thing

It ebbs and flows

it drowns you and leave you desolate

It carves great chasms in things that were once so hard and unmovable

It has made my hard parts soft and given strength to my weaknesses

Yes this is life

this is love

this is fate

And I have hope


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