Her want

Sometimes she loved the slow soft love making. But today was not one of those days. She wanted him to yank her by the hair. No she Needed it. To feel the sting of leather against her flesh. To feel the heat rise off of her body from his punishment. To feel his hand around her neck making her look directly into his eyes as he owned her body. To feel his fingers probe her inner most parts. To have him make her taste her own wetness from his hand. To feel his teeth leave marks on her tender breasts. To feel the assault on her hard and aching nipples. To have her head yanked back as he drove his erect member into her mouth and down her numbed throat as he fucked her tear stained face. To wear his cuffs with pride as he rolled her over and lubed her wanton ass before he thrust himself into her without hesitation. To feel the sting of his hand on her ass as he rode her into submission. And the yank of her hair as he used it for leverage. And finally to lay there in contented submission as he placed her magic wand upon her swollen clit and forced her into wave after wave of painful yet purely blissful orgasms. And when he could take no more, she would accept the gift he would shoot across her heaving breast. Yes this was her want. NO it was their NEED.


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