Old friends, new playmates

Her hot cup of tea warmed her hands. Barely keeping the frigid temps at bay. Out side winter had a firm grip on the world. But there was a fire burning that could melt the polar ice caps. She had always known that she liked women. The curves of their bodies the fullness of their breast. And once as a teen she had explored that feeling. Now as a grown woman she wondered if it would still be the same. If the kiss of another woman still held that same spark? If the feeling of another womans breasts in her hands would hold the same excitement? If they tasted as sweet as she knew she herself did?

Not long ago she had a conversation with an old friend that seemed to have this moment. Where something turned and she became wildly aware that the want had become mutual. Text  messages and phone calls followed and soon a plan was hatched. Time was hard to manage but they found some. A small snipit of time together. There was conversation and laughs with each passing glances of want tempered by care. It could ruin a friendship, or make it something so much more. Hugs good by held a moment to long turned into a soft questioning kiss. Followed by kisses of exploration and of surrender.

It was clear that she was the dominate. She struggled to keep control. Time was not on their side today. There would be a proper time for play. For them to discover just how far she could push. But she was sure this one wanted to be pushed hard. They had talked about it before. How they liked the pain of good rough play. And it was made clearly known that she intended to inflict some. Pleasure was only good when balanced by a bit of pain. In fact the flogger she had been looking at seemed to have made its way to the top of the BUY me NOW list.

Yes it was cold outside. But inside molten lava seemed to be flowing. And she would just have to wait until time permitted to have her fill of that beautiful and curvy submissive pet.


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