La Luna

     Under starlight skys he embraced her soul
The creamy softness of her skin under his finger tips
She surrendered to the strength of his spirit
And embraced his love
this was not just some chance meeting
Their hearts had become bonded long ago
Here under the glow of the moon they meet
and their bonds became even stonger
She belonged to him
from the first moment until the ends of time
There was no escaping it and no desire to
Even if he had never touched her, he owned her heart
He was made stronger by her love
It stirred the man inside of him to greater heights
She bolster his heart and weakened his knees
She was the moon and the stars in his world
Tonight under the Blue Moon he made her his own
And in turn lost all of himself to this magical woman
Neither knowing if the time would come again
But knowing that in this moment life was perfect
And Love was eternal in its depth


An older piece of my work


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