Love… an older piece that to me feels perfectly relevant to my life right now

  Starlight filtered into the darkness casting shadows across the scattered leaves. There on a blanket under the aspen she sat staring up at the night sky. Her eyes full of wonderment.
There had been times she had felt alone. But here looking at the stars surrounded by nature she could feel the embrace of mother nature.
Sounds errupted all around her. She caught each and every one.
Crickets and frogs singing there evening jubilee. Birds chirping songs of love to each other. The gently hum of a hummingbirds wing as it flitted from flower to flower. And somewhere behind her the gentle babble of a brook as it rolled along the stones at it edge. The sounds comforted her

And there were the smells as well. Autumn was in full swing. So on the breeze was the scent of apples picked fresh from the harvest. The smell of pine and new mown hay. The smell of aspen leaves crumpled in her hand. And that of the earth as she wiggled her toes in it. These smells were home to her.

Life it seems is a temptress. It shows up things that we desire. But in the end they are not always what we need. She was learning the hard way that all she really needed was here surrounding her at this moment. Love did not come from another soul. But it came from within. It is what you give to otheres. It comes from mother earth. The fruits of her harvest. The bounty of her wealth. Her gold comes from the turn of an aspen leaf. Her songs from the animals and brook and breazes around us. We have all we need if we just STOP. Take a moment to look and listen and smell and yes FEEL. To feel the warm embrace of life, and to know that if we find the contentment within we will have all that we need.

Sitting there under the stars she knew calm. For she was home.


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