Power Play… this is a piece of my work from an older blog.

                                             She sat there in front of her key board spinning tales of love and lust. She was a talented wordsmith and skilled at winning hearts. She kept them like trinkets. Toying with them like a cat does a mouse. He was a foolish boy whos world was not as it seemed. He wanted love but did not have the heart to destroy the well crafted world he lived in. They played games. Words were spoken of lust and dreams. Hopes were held high on cloud filled planes of some ethereal dream world. But one day this boy became a man, or at least found his own footing. He no longer wanted to play with the Mistress of the sky. He ran from her to the earth below.  This would never do, she swore. I do not let my toys leave. So she chased him to the mortal plane. But he held strong against her desires.  Time has passed since that fateful encounter. And his heart has become strong. He grows more and more into the man she knew he would become. And she is honored that once he was her toy. But she can now see him for all that he has become. And from her castle on high she no longer wishes him punishment for leaving the Queen. She only wishes him happiness and love.


I am adding in pieces written by me a couple of years ago. This is one of them.


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